Instructor (ADI / PDI) Training

Become an Approved Driving Instructor with ASM

It can be a most rewarding Job but not without a great deal of effort to Pass the Examinations

Below we detail Briefly the 3 Parts needed to become an approved Driving Instructor.

Initial registration

You can apply for this Starter registration pack on line at Registration on line this pack contains the DSA registration and CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) Checks application.

Please be aware that to be accepted onto the Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) if you hold a full UK or European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) unrestricted car driving licence, have held it for a total of at least four out of the past six years prior to entering the ADI Register after qualifying, and you have not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the four years prior to being entered in the register.

Part1 Theory

The driving Instructors Theory Test.

The current part 1 is a multiple choice entry exam a large proportion of study can be undertaken at home, we can supply you with the necessary training materials as well as classroom tutorials

Part 2 Practical

The Test of Driving Ability

You will be trained practically with the use of our part 2 syllabus to improve your driving skills. All aspects of your driving will be assessed. Your Training will be thorough to ensure your driving to the high level of which is expected to pass the Part 2 driving test. This is not an easy test and requires that old Bad habits are corrected and your driving must be technically perfect.

Part 3 Instructional Test

The Driving Instructor’s Test of Instructional Ability

The third - and final - part of the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) qualifying examination will assess your ability to give effective instruction. We suggest you visit the following link to give indepth information on what is required to pass the part 3 Examination.

Part 3 Guide

We will cover in depth from part 1 to part 3 the complete syllabus through on going assesments to get you on the right track to be a fully qualified ADI.




Training Prices for the Following are on

a Pay as you Go Basis with no

Contractual Commitment

Part One

Training Materials can be purchased for

self study with assistance as needed.


Part Two

Price per Hour £30


Part Three

Price per Hour £30





The ADI qualifying tests

The qualifying examination is in three parts:

  • theory (part one) - a multiple choice section and a video-based hazard perception section
  • driving ability (part two) - an eyesight test followed by a practical test of driving technique
  • instructional ability (part three) - a practical test of your ability to instruct

You must pass all three parts of the examination in this order and must complete the whole examination within two years of passing the theory test (part one). This will ensure that your training is structured and that the information gained from studying for the theory test is still relevant when you qualify. There is no limit to the number of attempts you may have at the part one test.

You are only allowed three attempts at each of the practical tests - parts two and three. If you do not pass in the three attempts, you must wait until the end of your two-year period before you can start again, beginning with part one. The two-year period cannot be extended for any reason.



In 2006-2007, the pass rates for each of the three qualifying tests were:


Theory test - part one

Test of driving ability - part two

Test of instructional ability - part three





To ensure you do not become part of the above statics choose your trainer wisely

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